Did my rims with these guys, price and quality are on top, but not so many colours available.


Thanks a lot. Great service.

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of powder coating

  1. As New-Showroom Fresh
  2. Makes your rims look new - we use same powder coating process’s as the original manufacturer
  3. Ultimate Durability – resistant against
    Chipping   Scratching   Fading   Chemicals
  4. Adds Value to your Car and looks Great.

We Make It Easy

Unlike most other companies working in the same niche, Wheels Respray makes it easy for its clients to add value to their cars. We diligently cater to our clients’ requests, whenever they come to our workshop. Painting wheels is more than just a technical process – our specialists consider it a kind of art and they put their best effort to painting wheels.

While most of our competitors would only wait for you to come to them for wheel powder coating Sydney, our company can collect your car rims from you, wherever you are in Sydney basin. Even if you live outside of Sydney, Wheels Respray would be glad to send our courier to you and get your rims. The thing is, when you consider getting a wheel powder coating Sydney, you have to trust the task to experts, and there is no one else, who could better combine admirable quality and favorable price, than our company.

Talking about the money, our clients are often disturbed by the powder coating Sydney prices. Be sure, that our company will beforehand notify you about the money the procedure will take, so you can calculate the expenses in advance. You can get the best wheel powder coating cost in Australia only at Wheels Respray.

By choosing Wheels Respray, you get the premium quality of the job, affordable prices and top-notch quality. We provide free additional services apart from the wheel powder coating cost - if you bring your car to us, our specialists will rebalance your tyres before setting them back onto the vehicle, after taking care of spraying your alloy wheels.

Contact Wheels Respray today to find out more about our services and prices. Your ride deserves the best powder coating Sydney prices it can get!


PROvinyl partnership
We are happy to announce our partnership with PROvinyl - best car wrapping company in Sydney. We provide our service for many car dealers and workshops all around Sydney and we are happy for any possible cooperation. PROvinyl is a Sydney based car wrapping company which providing all related to vinyl services and more. If you need to paint protection for your car or want to change the colour with the possibility to reverse it back to original call those guys. To see more what they are doing please visit www.provinyl.com.au PROvinyl partnership
Mercedes C43 Coupe Wheels
Check out these awesome 19 inch AMG rims that were powder coated in a gloss black for a brand new Mercedes c43 Coupe. Once fitted perfectly onto the car, these will surely help make it stand out on the road. Mercedes C43 Coupe Wheels
Wheel Respray Cost
Alloy Wheel Respray Costs: How much does it cost to respray your rims? This is the first question we get asked whenever someone enquires on getting their rim resprayed, and so, we decided we should break down the costs, so you can understand what really happens during a wheel respray, and to make sure you aren’t cheated with hidden fees! SIZE: Firstly, we’ll start off with the wheels itself. What is the size of the rim? Many people often aren’t sure of their rim size, and so, to find out, all you need to do is take a look at the rubber on your tyres. It usually looks something like the image as shown. These numbers outline the complete detailed dimensions of the rim, however, the rim size you may be asked to provide is the number at the end, which is circled in red. This is an example off of a Volkswagen Multivan, and as you can see, it has 17-inch alloy wheels. The price of a wheel respray will differ depending on the size of the rim. COLOUR What colour you were after is also the biggest factor in price. You can get standard colours such as black, red, white etc… which are a set price, but custom colours, such as pearlescent colours, can also cost more. The powder is another determining factor. Since there are so many suppliers, the quality and pricing of the powder can vary. The same coloured powder can be cheap for one brand, and expensive for another. The most reputable brands on the market are currently Interpon and Dulux. The price may also be affected by the finish of the wheels, whether you get them powder coated in gloss, satin or matte. One point to note about satin and matte finishes is that, whilst long lasting, do not enjoy a lifespan as long as gloss wheels. Because of this, many powder coating companies will offer a clear coat option for your wheels, or may put them into the price. Clear coat is nothing more than sealant and protector against scratches. Sort of like paint protection film for your wheels. Since this is an additional cost, you could save yourself a couple of bucks if you ask to not have it, which is usually favoured by those who do not drive their vehicle but are merely collectors. TYRE REMOVAL We know that not everybody is going to be able to get the rubber of their rims, which means they often have to get the powder coaters to do it for them. Many people often charge extra for this, which is why it’s best to check when calling up and getting a price. Prices may vary from workshop to workshop, but the average price is usually around $250. Again, just make sure powder coater is able to perform this service! We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality powder coating service, and not just for wheels! If it’s metal and fits in our oven, then we are more than happy to sandblast and/or powder coat it for you! call us now on (02) 9743 1729 or email us at info@wheelsrespray.com.au for a quick and easy quote! Wheel Respray Cost
Powder Coating Leaving Paint In The Dust
Powder Coating has been the forefront in clean, environmentally sustainable, and durable painting. It is a technique used in a variety of industries, and yet it remains relatively unknown amongst outsiders. Powder coating is the process of applying a statically charged powder onto a statically charged metal surface. A lot of metal items are powder coated. Some more obviously than others. Some relatively unknown objects that are powder coated include baby cribs, golf clubs, alloy wheels, fridges, dishwashers, fire extinguishers, ATM’s and even vending machines, just to name a few. A lot of these products use powder coating as a lot of them are used in high stress jobs, which would tear away at traditional paints and lacquers. Powder coating is therefore used as a substitute to make up for this, in order to provide high quality, long lasting and durable colour. With recent developments in technology, you can also powder coat at home, thanks to new machines that provide you with a scaled down version of a powder coating workshop. Powder Coating Leaving Paint In The Dust
Blacked Out
These custom rims were powder coated in black for somebody looking to turn his car unto something more... custom. If you saw the car, you would know what we are talking about. Blacked Out
BMW Powder Coating
The rims on this BMW were powder coated in black to match the colour of the car. If only we could show you how good the car looked, but alas, we can only show you the rims. They're still pretty though. BMW Powder Coating
Pain Stripping from Rims
Here is the first stage of the rims being sand blasted and bathed in acid. As you can see, the remaining paint and lacquer is being stripped down to leave a clean, fresh canvas for our powder coaters to respray and give the rims a brand new, fresh appearance Pain Stripping from Rims
Fancy Ferrari
Ferrari's are already stand out cars, so of course, owners would want only the most standout products for their vehicles, which is why many choose to have their rims powder coated, for a flawless finish on their pride and joy. Fancy Ferrari
Tesla Tyres
The rims of this Tesla Model S came to us to be powder coated in white. A highly advanced car needs only the most highly advanced methods of painting. Tesla Tyres
First Stage
Here you can see the first stage of a rim being stripped down to its bare metal in preparation of the repairing and respraying into a different colour. First Stage
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