Our range of powder coatings is formulated with durable, UV resistant raw materials that come in a wide range of fashion colours that provide an ultra-low sheen, silky, anodised look. Each colour has been cleverly designed to subtly change in appearance, as light conditions alter throughout the day. The range of powder coatings are suitable for use in a wide variety of climatic conditions from cold to hot, and humid to dry environments.

  • No solvents or emissions
  • Durable polyester technology
  • Excellent colour retention
  • Smooth film appearance

Powder coating is more durable than any paint, but many people don't realize it can be just as versatile. There is no need to limit yourself to a single colour powder coat on a project, and have you seen the pearls, metallic and other custom powders

A custom two-tone, or multi-colour powder coating is as easy to do as it would be for paint, using the following steps

  1. Apply the first colour, cure it, let it cool.
  2. Mask with high-temp powder-coating tape, using aluminium foil as masking material the way you would use craft paper when masking for paint.
  3. Ensuring a good ground is a critical point in multiple coats, you may have to attache the ground in an inconspicuous place that has not been coated.
  4. Apply the second colour, then put the whole project in the oven again for curing.
  5. When done, carefully pull the tape and foil away.

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There are around 6,500 colours to choose from

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